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Awakening of the Queen (1)

Awakening of the Queen 

Princess Raine Blackwood never wanted to rule a kingdom. However, with her older sister’s mysterious disappearance five years ago, and her father’s failing health, Raine is faced with the reality that she will soon be Queen of Altria. In a desperate attempt to save herself from the dregs of royal life, she sets out with her closest friend, Kirin to locate her sister. Instead of finding Raine’s salvation, they discover a twisted plot that threatens the entire world.

A dark tale of desperation, magic, and sacrifice, Awakening of the Queen invites its readers to explore the continent of M’ahl and journey alongside a cast of questionable heroes. When a rebellious princess and a troubled mage join forces with a witty elven assassin and a dreaded necromancer, they learn that good and evil are only labels, and sometimes, friends are the only ones willing to weather the storms of life.

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Current Work in Progress

Right now, I’m working on the sequel to Awakening of the Queen, which is currently untitled. I’m aiming for a late 2017-early 2018 release date, but can’t make any promises or official announcements yet. Most of the plot is already outlined, but I’m still fleshing out the details and working on organization so it will be simpler to write when the time comes to put words to paper.

This novel is going to introduce the Mage’s College, and give a little more insight into our dear necromancer, Adrian. I’m really excited to start working on this, and as soon as I’m able, I’ll share bits and pieces with you!