Neil Gaiman and the Average Protagonist

Tonight, the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman'sĀ American Gods comes out on Starz. If you've spoken to me or chanced a glance at my social media pages over the past week, you know how excited I am for this. I am ready to see Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday and Mr. Nancy in all of their … Continue reading Neil Gaiman and the Average Protagonist


Writing and Music

When I sit down to write, I have my little rituals, just like most other writers. Some people sit in their favorite chair with a cup of herbal tea or coffee. Others have a glass of wine or whisky. Some even like to begin writing first thing in the morning, presumably so they can get … Continue reading Writing and Music

Meet Princess Raine Blackwood

Princess Raine Blackwood is the second child of King Hadwin, ruler of Altria and its surrounding provinces. She grew up in the shadow of her older sister, Alana, who should have become Queen of Altria when their father passed, except Alana mysteriously disappeared when Raine was fifteen years old, unexpectedly thrusting Raine into the curriculum … Continue reading Meet Princess Raine Blackwood